Peter Sagan VS Grandma Joan

Peter Sagan VS Grandma Joan

Peter Sagan takes on Grandma Joan in an all-out sprint up the steepest hill in San Fran. Will the 3x World Champion win against the E-Bike equipped Joan?

Do you want to take some of the strain out of ascending our long and steep Duluth hills? Looks like Grandma Joan might have figured out her solution.


"It's you, only faster"

That's what you will see being said over and over again from Specialized. We can attest to that being absolutely true. Sure we, at Ski Hut, like to ride our E-bikes at full power every lunch break to dash over to the Co-Op for some grub, faster than if we were in a car. But there are some E-bike owners out there that hardly ever crank it past half power. Using the 'Turbo' mode only for getting up the real steep climbs in our city-on-the-hill.


In the last couple years since carrying Specialized Turbo line of E-bikes, we have seen our pedal assisted interest skyrocket. E-bikes have been around in Europe for quite some time already. It's hard to go anywhere in the UK without seeing some type of pedal assisted bicycle.


Currently in Duluth, E-bikes are not allowed on any COGGS built trails. Will this soon change? Will we see E-bike signs? Will Grandma Joan take to the trails against Mathieu van der Poel?


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