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Nordic  |  Binding Buyers Guide

Nordic Binding Buyers Guide


At Skihut we carry nearly every binding system regardless of brand name.  Even backcountry bindings.


A Continuing Saga.

  Nordic (XC) bindings have long been a limiting factor when it comes to actually getting out on the snow. The confusion about what boots fit with what bindings has been, frankly, a cluster. Over the last several decades there have been, at least, 10 different boot/binding systems competing against one another for a share of the market.  And, of course, none of them worked with the other!  This situation is almost over as one system has risen to the top to now comprise 100% of the market.  But you still need to be sure of what boot/binding combination you may need.  If you already have a boot or a binding, and you need the other component to go skiing, bring your ski and your boot into your local shop so they know how to help you.  This is very important! You may only need the boot or the binding.  But, you might need both - so bring the skis and the boots with you in case a new binding needs to be mounted!!


The Past.

  NNN1, NNN2, NIS, IFP, SNS Profil (multi-generational), SNS Pilot, SNS ProPulse, 75mm, Look, and more. This is the mess that has been the bane of many potential XC customers (and retailers) for years.  Compatibility issues between binding systems have muddied the waters for decades and have even prevented some folks from entering the sport.  Thankfully those days appear to be coming to an end.


The Present.

Update - there do appear to be some minor fit issues between NNN2 and some NIS bindings with new NNN compatible boots.  If you have an older boot or binding, always double-check the actual fit of boot/binding to be sure they interface correctly.

  After years of intense competition - the NNN (New Nordic Norm) system has come to be, by far, the dominant system in the Nordic market.  Thank goodness.  The only NNN system that is no longer compatible with today’s bindings is NNN1(about 40+ years old).  All boot/binding combos from NNN2 (about 30 years old) to the present are compatible with one another.  NNN has become so dominant that Salomon (maker of the SNS - Salomon Nordic System - bindings) now makes NNN compatible boots and bindings called Prolink.  The following binding systems are ALL compatible with one another currently in terms of boot/binding integration:

  NNN2 (drill-on), NIS (plate), IFP/Turnamic (plate), Prolink (drill-on), Prolink Shift Pro (plate), Prolink Shift-In (plate), MOVE, and the latest - Shift.

  The only limiting factor today comes with the plate bindings.  Every new NNN compatible boot is compatible with every new NNN compatible binding. All of the new plates utilize NNN style bindings. BUT - the plate bindings do not work with a competitor's plate. There are currently six plates - NIS, Shift Pro, Shift-In, Shift, MOVE, and IFP.  The bindings are specific to the plates!  All current (NNN2 and newer) NNN boots will work with any of these plates. But the NIS binding will not mount to an IFP or Shift plate and vice-versa.  The plate goes on the ski first (usually already installed from the factory) - then the binding slides onto the plate. 

  Adjustable binding plates are a great system - especially for “waxless'' skis - because you can change how your weight affects the ski by easily moving the binding fore or aft up to 3 cm.  You can increase glide (move back) or grip (move forward) on a whim. Just be aware that you need a specific binding for a specific plate - then you can use any current NNN boot.

  Please note - NNN BC (Backcountry) is NOT compatible with regular tour boots. NNN BC is the regular NNN binding on steroids!  It looks essentially the same.  But everything about it is bigger and beefier.  It requires specific, bigger and beefier,  boots engineered to handle a much heavier ski.


The Future.

  Hopefully things stay as they are.  Salomon has, finally, scrapped the Pilot and ProPulse systems.  And most shops stock very little of these bindings or boots. We have a few bindings - but no boots.  Hopefully a simplified future for binding systems is upon us.


Leave Nothing To Chance.

  Again - If you need a new boot or a new binding to go with your current equipment - bring your current boots AND your skis with you to your local shop. The brand name doesn’t matter - the system matters.  Simple.  Leave it to the experts.